Roasted Salted Pista


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  • Pistachios rich in antioxidants, which prevent damage to body cells. Including more antioxidants in the diet Pistachios reduce the incidence of cell death, cancers and infections. Some of the antioxidants in Pistachios are lutien, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. In addition, Pistachios are a significant sources of protein, which are the building blocks of the body and that repair cell damage and create a new growth. Cardiovascular diseases include high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. Pistachios to your daily diet can reduce cholesterol in the blood. In their study, patient blood levels were taken at the beginning and end of four weeks to measure blood lipid (or cholesterol) levels.
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  • Ingredients :Irani Pistachios in shell & edible salt
  • Nutrition facts for Pista
Parameters Units Results
Fat g/100g 46.97
Protein g/100g 20.56
Crude Fibre g/100g 1.83
Sugar* g/100g 7.52
Carbohydrate g/100g 23.10
Energy Kcal/100g 597.36
Calcium mg/100g 195
Sodium mg/100g 2785
Iron* mg/100g 4.2
  • Keep it air Tight
  • Keep in Refrigerator.
  • Best before 8 months from the date of packing


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