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“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”

In 2001, Mrs. J. PreethibalaSurana began a wholesale distribution firm under the name of Apex Links, managed by her son Mr. J.KuldeepSurana. This health product based company gained repute for the nutritious nuts and spices it promoted. This steadily growing enterprise entered into the realms of family partnership in 2004, withMr. J.Rajesh Kumar Surana, Mr.M.Gowtham Chand and Mr.Vasanth Kumar joining Mrs.Surana and Mr. J.Kuldeep Surana on board.

The inclusion of new members brought in progressive and innovative ideas and Apex Links branched out to import chocolates along with other related products globally. With wide spread research and surveys the company grew in its understanding of the market and realized it’s true potential. The demand for nutritional products had set in by then and Apex Links comprehended the rise in the customer base. After a decade of its conception, in 2011 Apex Links took on the new identity of N2H – Nutrition 2(to) Health.

The rebranding garnered positive response and the company saw 25% of its products selling in super and hypermarkets. With the prime focus in promoting healthy living through natural and nutritious products ina technologically forward age, N2h has entered the online realm with its store services in 2014. This puts the company on a pan-India market. For the future plans, the company aims at reaching a variety of over 200 products by 2019 on a worldwide customer base.